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Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke, Sun Stroke Causes, Symptoms, Natural Cures

Heat stroke also called heat exhaustion or sunstroke can be a life-threatening condition. Heatstroke is a type of hyperthermia which denotes the body’s inability to regulate its average temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) resulting in high body temperatures.

Usually, heat is generated through metabolic activities of the body. This body heat is controlled via skin radiations such as perspiration or sweat which helps to keep the body fresh.

Excessive fluid loss from the body in heat exhaustion is dangerous as it can cause brain damage and heart disease.Heat Stroke Causes The primary cause of heat stroke is high atmospheric temperature.

In a situation where people overexert themselves with play or strenuous work with prolonged excessive exposure to the sun, heat and humid climate, they lose body fluids via sweat.

The body’s failure to deal with the weather can result in dehydration and high risk of illnesses. People at high risk of heat stroke are sportspersons, outdoor laborers such as construction site workers, miners and even chefs and cooks. Young children and older adults are also vulnerable to sunstroke. Other common causes of heat stroke are alcoholism, wearing excessive clothing, cardiovascular disease, sweat gland dysfunction, certain medications, obesity, and pregnancy.

Heat Stroke Symptoms Symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be similar to those of a heart attack. These are fatigue, headache, dizziness, decreased perspiration or no sweat, fast pulse rate, difficulty in breathing, confusion, agitation, seizure.

Dry skin due to dehydration is a common occurrence. Hallucinations, senile behavior, nervousness, anxiety and even unconsciousness may occur in some. Heatstroke symptoms may go away after a while, but skin damage of a dehydrated skin takes time to recover. Heat exhaustion treatment care is necessary to deal with heat stroke effects.

Home Remedies for heat stroke Treatment for heat stroke involves simple dietary management, natural remedies to lower body temperature with simple tips and herbal therapy. It may turn into a medical emergency and hospitalization without prompt care. The idea is to reduce body temperature as soon as possible.

Loosen tight clothes and remove excess clothing to enable inactive cooking. Move heatstroke victim to a cool shady place and keep them in an inclined sitting pose so that the airways remain open.

Damp towel sponging particularly on the forehead is great to cool down the person. Diet for Heatstroke: Drink plenty of water, electrolytes, juices, and glucose water to keep the victim well hydrated.

Relax and stay in calm, sheltered places for a few days. Use chamomile flowers as a herbal therapy to treat sunstroke. This is an area for further research as this treatment has not been confirmed as active as yet.

Ayurveda speaks about basil seeds, also known as sabja seeds, takmaria or falooda seeds as the best known dietary substance to reduce body heat and produce a cooling effect on the stomach.

These are the black seeds which float on milk. The seeds swell up on soaking in milk.

Usually rose water added to this falooda drink. Drink this like a milkshake along with the black basil seeds. The natural remedies for heatstroke are alleviative and even preventive. Prompt medical attention is essential for heat stroke and heat exhaustion treatment.